The Necromancer


- Level 2 wizard

Glory: 2

Signature unit is 30 skeletons called “The eyes of Lakhar”


Kislev is a cold, unforgiving place to grow up. Long winters, failing crops, and a history of oppression and tyranny don’t leave many opportunities for a young Ungol farmer. Lakhar joined the army as soon as could. 14. Gospodar overlords don’t particularly care about the age of their cannon fodder.

So Lakhar fought the Gospodar’s wars for them, staying in fringes of the battles, keeping out of harm’s way, looking for the right opportunities to advance his position and get out of the vanguard. But no matter how many captains and sergeants he stabbed in the back, no Gospodar wanted an Ungol commanding the armed men of Kislev.

In the depths of winter, in the middle of chaos incursion from the north, Lakhar took a morningstar to hie eyes and head. Blind and injured, he was left for dead on the fields of battle for the vultures. He woke to an old Ungol woman nursing him back to health. The Hag took pity on him and made him her apprentice.

Lakhar begged the Hag to restore his sight to him, and she refused. She knew a way, but said it was foul magic that would stain his soul. Lakhar, ever unsatisfied with what he’d been given, stole the Hag’s grimoires and found a scribe to read the spells to him. Together, they learned what they could from the books. They practiced their arts openly, sorcery is not as harshly regulated in Kislev as it in the empire.

The first time Lakhar saw again was when he animated the corpse of a crow and saw through it’s eyes. Through the animal’s eyes, he saw the grimoires for the first time, and saw that the Scribe had lied and hid much knowledge from him. The second pair of eyes he saw through was the Scribe’s. Murder is just as much a crime in Kislev as anywhere else, so Lakhar fled.

It was a mistake to flee to the Empire, where he was hunted by witch and vampire hunters. But defending himself necessitated learning more and more of the necromantic arts, and giving himself more and more eyes. By the time Lakhar realized he’d raised a small army of eyes, he knew the Empire wouldn’t let him keep it.

One day, hearing of great, ancient barrows filled with unquiet spirits and dark power on an untamed island. Lakhar set sail, his eyes set on conquest.


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