Map questions, and HQ Placements

Here is the Map with all of our HQs’ placed.

The “Mudford” is just that, a rudimentary bridge made of mud that nullifies any difficult terrain checks that might need to be made when entering that river tile. If the tile is razed, the bridge is destroyed. *it can be rebuilt at its location with a successful “recover” roll

“Redtusk’s Maw” is a tunnel that extends from 20I to 23I, and passes through 21I. To use the tunnel, you must end your movement on either 20I or 23I, and then the following turn, say you’re using the tunnel. You’ll be spat out on the opposite end to where ever you entered. Since the tunnel is the equivalent to moving twice, after going through, you’ll have to wait another turn before you can move again to represent your whole army making it’s way through the tunnel. That’d take some time! The tunnel bypasses the difficult terrain check you’d otherwise have to make on the mountains. If any of the 3 tiles that compose the tunnel are raised (20I, 21I, 23I) Then it’s unusable until that tile is recovered.

Laure Lathain: This location provides +25 points to the controlling player’s magic item limit and +1 Gold per turn. It provides normal Banner Support, but is worth 5 Campaign VPs.

This location is an enchanted and magically protected High Elf City. It’s the only thing on the island that’s been untouched by the Orcs, Goblins, and Beastmen that now inhabit the island.The territory is occupied by a phantasmal High elf army, an illusion of a former force that once held the city, regardless, you must battle the High elf force to gain control of the territory. Their base banner points are equal to the base banner points of the player attacking them.

If a battle is fought in this location, the controlling player receives +1 Power and +1 Dispel Dice in each magic phase. The controlling player also receives +1 Foresight, +1 Intelligence and +1 Discipline for any battles fought on the island. The opposing player in a battle in this location receives -1 to all Miscast rolls. Note that until the High elves are defeated, they will receive these bonuses.

Any banner in this location must roll 2d6 on each turn, as the city is protected by a powerful burning aura. If either die comes up with a 1, the banner suffers a cumulative -10% to banner strength until they leave the location. If both dice come up with a 1, the city erupts into magical storm, causing a cumulative -50% to banner strength. If banner strength is reduced to 0%, the banner is considered scattered. Banner strength lost due to the city is recovered at the beginning of the first Supply and Record Keeping phase after the banner is no longer in this location.

Among the city, there still exist certain relics of the High elves. Each of these relics can only be recovered once and belong to the player who recovered them for the rest of the campaign, unless they are somehow stolen or the character wielding them is slain or captured and his banner scattered in the same battle, in which case ownership of the relic transfers to the victor of that battle.

The unique magical items recovered from Laure Lathain may be used in a battle even if the player does not have a magic item limit high enough to use them.

A player who controls Laure Lathain randomly gains one of the following unique magic items on a successful “Recover” roll in this location:

Gauntlet of Chrace: Magic Weapon. 50 Points. The bearer gains +2 to Strength and the target of his attacks must re-roll any successful armor saves.

Shield of Caledor: Talisman. 50 Points. The bearer gains 1 to his Armor Save and a 4 Ward Save.

Mask of Vaul: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. The bearer gains the Bound Spell Burning Gaze from the Lore of Light (Power Level 4).

Sky Chariot of Tiranoc: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. The bearer gains +1 to his Armor Save and can Fly. The bearer cannot join units.

Circlet of the Sun: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. Bearer is a Level 1 Wizard who may choose from the Lore of Fire or the Lore of Light.

Bracers of the Moon: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. Bearer is a Level 1 Wizard who may choose from the Lore of Shadow or the Lore of Death.

Amulet of the Stars: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. Bearer is a Level 1 Wizard who may choose from the Lore of Heavens or the Lore of Metal.

Staff of Earth: Enchanted Item. 50 Points. Bearer is a Level 1 Wizard who may choose from the Lore of Life or the Lore of Beasts.

Note that if a character who is already a wizard uses one of these items, he gains +1 to his Wizard level and is allowed to choose from the lores noted in the item’s description in addition to the lores he can normally use.

Map questions, and HQ Placements

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